Singapore Airlines – Upgrade program on Airbus A380

The work continues on the older A380s with the latest seats and suites. The A380s remain grounded but work continues to ensure the latest business and first class suites will be in place when they return to the skies. Along with other air craft, Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 has been stored in Alice Springs. After returning to Sydney they will undergo checks before the aircraft will return to Singapore. It is expected to be ahead of schedule.

The aircraft will undergo the new retro-fitting maintenance program.  All 12 aircraft will be fitted with the latest A380 cabin product. This will include 12 first class suites to be located on the lower deck. Likewise, the A380 business class seats will change to SQ’s newer design. One of the changes will mean that the middle seats in business class will allow for a slide down divider for couples to have more privacy. Also the front rows 11,91 and 96 can convert into a double bed. 

Over a third of Singapore Airlines A380 fleet has been retired. The new A380s will soar again once global travel rebuilds. Going ahead Singapore Airlines intend to replace the A380 with the Boeing 777-9 jetliner. This will not be until 2024 as delivery has been delayed. The current Boeing 777 will be a decade old when the new 777-9 arrives. 

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