Antarctica Flight In A Day from Australia

Welcome to Antarctica – the world’s last great wilderness. For over 26 years, the privately chartered flights have led the way in providing close-up encounters with the white continent. For the first time ever, enjoy unparalleled views of the icy landscape aboard the ultra-modern 787 Dreamliner, soaring above the icy plains to view the vast landscapes of rock and snow unique to this otherworldly destination. Spot penguins and seals lounging on the ice, and hear the impressive crash of the moment an iceberg collapses into the sea. The aerial views of the mountainous, snow-covered terrain and deep blue water will surely impress, all from the comfort and warmth of the plane.

Become one of the few to witness the desolate beauty of this untamed polar landscape, in this incredible Antarctic expedition with the world’s most unique day tour!
Aboard the Qantas charter flight you will experience unparalleled Antarctic viewing, with 19 different routes, no two flights are ever the same. 

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