Japanese Cuisine | Best Experienced in Japan

Taste the beauty of Japan on this culinary adventure and get a deep insight into the nation’s culture. Japanese food isn’t just about eating but is also about the cultural significance behind it. This video will help you discover the best gourmet culture in Japan, the world’s number one food destination. So, pack your chopsticks, and dive into elegant and harmonious cuisines developed from centuries of artistry to deliciously addictive soul foods. A Japanese food tour is a must-do travel experience, where you’ll explore the world of wonders beyond what you see on your plate!

0:00 – Japanese Cuisine best experienced in Japan
0:31 – Kobe Beef
1:03 – An authentic Japanese drinking tour in the back alleys of Sendai
1:39 – Bring edible art to life at this Wagashi Workshop
2:10 – Kamakura Village otherworldly dining
3:05 – Green Tea Heartlands: Explore Shizuoka
3:45 – Ozeki Japanese cooking class in Gifu
4:23 – Japan’s Ama: A unique diving culture
5:19 – Ramen Museum: A noodle-lovers’ paradise
6:07 – Nikka’s Yoichi Distillery: Japanese Whisky
6:53 – Sample sublime sake: Sudohonke brewery in Ibaraki
7:22 – Experience the best of Japan’s wine country

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