World’s Best Luxury Wellness Resorts

Discover your ideal luxury getaway with the world’s best resorts and hotels, with unique and exciting features, there’s a destination for every luxury traveller. Rejuvenate amongst the marble columns of Amazoe, an ancient greek paradise, or experience coastal bliss at SHA, Alicante, a wellness clinic on the shores of the Meditteranean Sea. Immerse yourself in nature at Amanyara Wellness with an expert team to facilitate your health retreat. Bask in the warmth of The Golden Door, San Diego, or lose yourself in beachside luxury at Amanpuri resort, Thailand. With many more Luxury Resorts to come, it’s time to focus on your wellness goals with the help of the best in the world.

0:10 – AMANZOE, Greece

0:49 – SHA, Alicante

2:01 – AMANYARA, Turks & Caicos

2:48 – GOLDEN DOOR, United States

3:38 – AMANBAGH, India

4:25 – CARNOUSTIE, India

5:24 – ANANDA, Himalayas

6:42 – AMANPURI, Thailand

7:28 – CHIVA SOM, Thailand

8:36 – FOUR SEASONS, Maldives

9:38 – AMANOI, Vietnam

10:33 – GAIA, Australia

Video Credit to the aforementioned resorts.

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