Spotlight on The Blue Mountains: Top places to visit

Looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse yourself in nature and serenity? Located just a 90-minute drive away from Sydney, the Blue Mountains is the perfect destination for a quick weekend getaway to help you revitalise and recharge.

The Three Sisters

Although there are different versions of the Aboriginal legend on how the Three Sisters came to be, there is one thing that can be agreed upon; these stunning rock formations are a sight you need to behold at least once in your lifetime. There are several ways through which you can view this iconic attraction, depending on your fitness level and the angle from which you want to view it.

Echo Point Lookout

One of the most popular destination choices to fully take in the beauty and majesty of the Three Sisters, Echo Point Lookout provides a panoramic view of both the rock formations and surrounding valleys and canyons, including Mt Solitary and Ruined Castle. This Lookout is also a gateway to many great walks and nature encounters, such as the Three Sisters Walk, Giant Starway, and the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

Scenic Cableway

Gently descend 545 metres into the Jamison Valley with the Scenic Cableway as you enjoy a 360-degree vantage point for viewing the Three Sisters and other iconic rock formations such as Orphan Rock and Mt Solitary. Glide past majestic sandstone cliffs and awe at the stunning geomorphology of this World Heritage region. Disembark at the end of your ride into the world lush greenery and explore the ancient rainforest with easy boardwalks and signs.

Three Sisters Trail to Honeymoon Bridge

For those travelling with younger children, why not try this family-friendly trail that leads you directly to the First Sister? Passing through the archway next to the Echo Point Visitor Centre, you’ll be transported through soaring eucalypt forests, bird calls and pristine mountain breezes, before reaching Oreades Lookout. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible views of the Three Sisters and the hazy blue Jamison Valley.

Hikes and Trails

Wentworth Falls

As one of the most popular bushwalking destinations in the Blue Mountains, Wentworth Falls takes you straight to the famous, majestic 3-tiered waterfall, where Jamison Creek cascades over 300m down into the valley below. There are actually several different hikes leading from the Wentworth Falls area, catering to hikers of all different age and ability levels.

Grand Canyon Walking Trail

This historic loop track takes you past towering sandstone walls, ever-present waterfalls and luscious native vegetation of ferns and golden wattles. Running through the heart of the Blue Mountains World Heritage-listed landscape, this intimate and adventurous track sticks close to Greaves Creek, making it perfect for hikes during the summer.

You’ll encounter several semi-ledges along this challenging trail but specialist hiking or abseiling equipment will not be needed, just a pair of comfortable walking shoes!

Jenolan Caves

Explore one of the world’s most spectacular cave formations and make your way through the labyrinth of stalactite-lined limestone chasms and pure underground rivers. With guided tours and 10 different cave shows, there is a trail to suit people with any age and ability. Learn about the Caves’ fascinating geographical timeline and Aboriginal legends as you gaze up at the pure white marine fossils and calcite formations around you.


Located 2km from Katoomba, Leura is a quaint, picturesque village boasting acclaimed dining options, pretty gardens, heritage buildings, and delightful antique shops. Fall in love with its small-town charm and stunning streetscapes, where gorgeous old cherry trees line the middle of the main streets. It’s also home to the Leura Cascades, a scenic bushwalking trail that takes you past tinking waterfalls and lush greenery to a breathtaking lookout point of Jamison Valley.

Stay in a Bubble Tent

For those looking to experience the Blue Mountains in a completely unique way, why not stay at a Bubble Tent, off-grid pop-up glamping tents overlooking the second biggest canyon in the world. Sleep under the stars and wake up to a stunning sunrise in a clear and inflatable bubble tent, surrounded by nature and bliss. Choose between 3 Bubble Tents, each offering a unique perspective of the valley.

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Image credit to: Tourism Australia and Destination NSW.

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