Esperance, WA

Esperance is blessed with far more than it’s fair share of natural beauty, with ridiculously white beaches upon which turquoise waves gently lap. Located an eight hour drive, or a 1.5 hour flight south east of Perth, it’s the ultimate escape, far from daily stressors and full of rugged beauty. Swim, snorkel, spot some of the local wildlife like kangaroos, whales, seals and dolphins. Explore incredible national parks, and swim around hundreds of uninhabited islands in this sunny paradise.

What to see and do:

The Great Ocean Drive

A 38 km loop from Esperance will have you marvelling at the views and stopping to take in some of the best spots in the region. Be sure to bring swimmers, as you surely won’t be able to resist the water’s allure. Stop at the Rotary Lookout, Western Power Wind Farms, and the unique and often photographed pink lake – yes it is actually pink in colour!

Explore the Archipelago the Recherche

More than 100 islands make up the Archipelago, from granite outcrops to larger destinations, they offer fantastic wildlife spotting, and many activities. Take a boat tour or kayak, and visit Woody Island for camping, fishing snorkelling and more.

Visit the Lucky Bay Kangaroos

This beach has some of the whitest sand in Australia, and it’s perfect for swimming. You may have company though, the Kangaroos also think this a fantastic place to relax, and you are likely to see them lounging on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

Grab a Drink at Lucky Bay Brewing

After warming up in the sun, cool down with a delicious beer made from Barley grown by local WA farmers. Take a brewery tour to learn about how the magic happens, and sample the goods with a tasting paddle before making a selection to take home.

How to get there:

The fastest way to Esperance is to take a regional flight from Perth with REX Airlines, which will be about a 90 minute flight. If you fancy a Road trip, it is approximately an 8hr trip from Perth. You can also catch a coach from Albany, Kalgoorlie, or Perth, and these typically have onboard entertainment for the trip.

Best time to go:

The weather is warm and pleasant from September all the way through to April, and really the only months that may not be ideal for water activities are May, June and July, when Esperance will experience cooler conditions.

Image credit to: Tourism Australia, Sean Scott