Flinders Ranges, South Australia

This outback region’s unique geography is a sight to behold. With towering red cliffs and expansive skies, the Flinders Ranges is an explorer’s playground. Visit a remote lodge to experience outback luxury for a unique holiday, and take time to bask in the natural splendour. Look up at night to find the sky glittering like you’ve never seen before, or enjoy the freedom of wild swimming in an outback water hole.

What to see and do:

Arkaba Walking Safaris and Lodge

Enjoy an all inclusive luxury outback experience, where you’ll be guided through the wonders of the flinders ranges. With guided tours, wildlife safaris and aboriginal stories, there is a wealth of culture to explore. Taste the fresh spoils of the land, prepared by the chef and immerse yourself in the wonder of this unique destinastion.

Wilpena Pound

Take a scenic flight to view this crater like rock formation that’s eight times the area or Uluru.

Coward Springs

Soak in a natural spring at this remote outback oasis. Once a station on the old Ghan railway line, you can camp by the springs.


Videos of Flinders Ranges

  • Arkaba Homestead

  • The Ghan

  • Flinders Ranges Road Trip

How to get there:

Charter a private flight from Adelaide, or self drive the 4.5 hr car trip and stop at scenic spots along the way.

Best time to go:

Spring is the best time to visit, and you may even spot emu chicks hatching. During this time the landscape comes to life with blooming wildflowers and birdsong.

Featured Flinders Ranges Luxury Holidays :

  • Arkaba Homestead

    Arkaba Homestead

  • Arkaba Walking Safaris

    Arkaba Walking Safaris

Image credit to: Anthology Travel, Arkaba, SA Tourism Commission, and Tourism Australia.