Jervis Bay & Surrounds, NSW

With rolling hills, abundant wildlife, and sublime coastlines, it is no surprise that NSW’s South Coast is a popular seaside escape for city-dwelling Australians. A perfect destination for a family road trip or a couple’s getaway, the star of this region is undoubtedly Jervis Bay and its blinding white sands, gem-like waters and enchanting bioluminescence in the summer.

What to see and do:


The popular coastal town of Kiama boasts a dramatic and varied coastline as well as fantastic opportunities for whale watching when in season.

You will find the infamous Kiama Blowhole, world’s largest blowhole, here. Marvel at spectacular plumes of water being ejected 30 metres into the air. Just a 5-minute drive down will take you to the Little Blowhole, a more consistent but equally as impressive blowhole off Tinigira Crescent.

Visit the breathtaking Cathedral Rocks to watch the waves crash against the ancient volcanic rock formations or enter into Kiama’s town centre for a bite at the many vibrant restaurants and delightful cafes. For dessert, why not stop at The Lolly and Gift Shop, a charming old-world sweet shop often likened to Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.


Mollymook is best known for its excellent surf waves, sweeping clean sands, crystal clear water, and neighbouring lush green golf course. The highlight, Mollymook Beach, is also the host of several State and National surf lifesaving and beach volleyball competitions, making fantastic spectator activities.

Jervis Bay

The famous magical oasis of Jervis Bay is a must-visit on any South Coast itinerary.  This natural treasure encompasses several marine and national parks, making it a budding haven for both flora and fauna. There is plenty to do here, including snorkelling, swimming, whale watching, or simply just kicking back and relaxing on the whitest sands in the world!


From rolling green hills, heritage buildings, friendly locals, and sophisticated shopping, Berry is a perfect blend of village charm and city style. Browse through fresh produce, locally made sweet treats, chocolates, gelato, and award-winning restaurants to see why this little town is fast developing a reputation for its burgeoning foodie scene. You’ll also be able to explore further into the cellar doors with a food and wine tour or get hands-on with a cooking class or workshop.


Just under an hour’s drive from Jervis Bay, Milton is a stylish, charming town lined with heritage streetscapes, gourmet indulgences and dozens of unique homeware stores.

You’ll find an abundance of fresh produce, elegant wines, a microbrewery, and plenty of classically quaint restaurants for a delicious lunch. The widely acclaimed Heritage Bakery located a minute’s drive out of town serves the finest gourmet pies and a delicious selection of pastries and salads. Alternatively, visit Pilgrims Centre in the town centre for a fresh, tasty, vegetarian menu.

If you time your trip right, you’ll be able to catch the annual food and wine festival in October featuring some of the South Coast’s most prestigious wineries, breweries and restaurants as well as live music and activities.

How to get there:

Jervis Bay is an easy 3-hour drive from Sydney. Heading south from the capital, the route down the Grand Pacific Drive will take you past stunning views of a peaceful coastline until your destination. There are also several different route options if you’re travelling from Canberra, a popular one being the scenic route through Kangaroo Valley.

For those not living in nearby cities, Jervis Bay also has its own airport with domestic flights arriving and departing daily.

Best time to go:

The best times to visit Jervis Bay would be during the spring and summer months, from January until April and October to December. Temperatures during this time are relatively mild with little rainfall. Spring brings glorious shows of native wild-flower blooms while summer is the perfect time for water activities and catching the bioluminescent displays at night if you’re lucky.


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