Iconic Destinations Along the Perth to Esperance Drive

The adventure from Perth to Esperance is one of Australia’s dream coast-to-coast road trips. This picturesque route will transport you from the bubbly city of Perth, to the quaint historic towns of Margaret River, Albany and Esperance.

Cruise over to the crystal blue waters of Rottnest Island for the day and try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding or cycling round the island. As you continue your travels down the coast, enjoy a drop of wine at Cullen Wines or Leeuwin Estate in the Margaret River.

The journey continues as you meander through the treetops in the Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk 15 minutes east of Walpole. An exhilarating experience climbing 40 metres into the forest canopy giving you a bird’s eye view of some of the tallest timber giants on earth. Once you reach Esperance, take a scenic flight over the surreal pink Lake Hillier.

Rottnest Island
Valley of the Giants


Lake Hillier

Located on Middle Island, the iconic Lake Hillier is globally known for its stark contrast between the vibrant bubblegum pink lake to the deep blue of the surrounding Indian Ocean, all separated by just a strip of lush green forest. Take in this surreal sight by boat, a scenic flight, or road trip and be in awe by the extraordinary powers of nature.

Rottnest Island

Soft sandy beaches, translucent waters, abundant marine life, and the cutest, cuddliest animals on earth, Rottnest Island has it all. With 63 beaches on the island, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to water activities which include snorkelling, paddle boarding, watching the annual whale migration, or simply just soaking in the warm sunshine. The island is also globally known for its thriving quokka population. Found nowhere else on earth, these tiny, happy animals have no fear of humans and will come right up to visitors for a photo! The island is a no-car zone, so the best way to explore is by bicycle or a ferry.

Margaret River

A three-hour drive south of Perth, Margaret River is globally known for its premium quality wines and food. This region is a wine lover’s ultimate dream destination with 120 world-class wineries and distilleries to explore and countless vineyard tours where visitors can meet the winemakers or blend their own bottle of wine. For those looking for something more adventurous, there are plenty of hiking tracks that run through a multitude of beautiful terrains as well as cave tours for enormous limestone decorations, ancient Australian megafauna fossils, and the longest straw stalactites in the world.


Valley of the Giants Sky Walk

A breath-taking walk trail the first of its kind, the Treetop Walk gives offers a bird’s eye view of some of the tallest timber giants on Earth- Western Australia’s 400-year-old majestic tingle trees, found nowhere else on earth. Elevated 40 metres into the forest canopy and meandering through the treetops for 600 metres, this multi-award-winning attraction offers unparalleled views over the densely forested hills before descending to the boardwalks below into the towering veteran eucalypts.

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How to get there:

For the most popular route, explore Rottnest island first before beginning the road trip from Perth, travelling along the coast until Margaret River, where you’ll continue through the forests towards Albany. From Albany it’s a straight ride along the coast to Esperance.

Best time to go:

The South West of Australia can get quite cold, so the best times to take the trip is over the warmer months of December to February when temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius and rainfall is at a minimum. For those looking to avoid the crowds, consider travelling in Autumn, March to May.

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